Network and board

FIUGINET is a network based on an agreement between universities.

The board of the network has formulated the agenda of FIUGINET.

Member universities

At the moment, FIUGINET members include Aalto University, University of Eastern Finland, University of Helsinki, University of Jyväskylä, University of Lapland, University of Oulu and University of Turku. The aim is that the network encompasses all those universities in Finland that conduct research and training in geoinformatics.

FIUGINET board is comprised of:

University of Helsinki: Petteri Muukkonen (member, chairman of the network), Tuuli Toivonen (deputy member)

University of Eastern Finland: Eliisa Lotsari (member, vice-chairman of the network), Alfred Colpaert (deputy member)

Aalto University: Petri Rönnholm (member), NN (deputy member)

University of Jyväskylä: Markku Kuitunen (member), Anssi Lensu (deputy member)

University of Lapland: Jukka Mäkelä (member), Petri Kinnunen (deputy member)

University of Oulu: Jarmo Rusanen (member), Harri Antikainen (deputy member)

University of Turku: Niina Käyhkö (member), Petteri Alho (deputy member)


FIUGINET mailing list (open subscription to all interested in university geoinformatics): fiuginet-member [at]

Contact FIUGINET board by email: fiuginet-board [at]

Instructions on subscribing and unsubscribing: