The Finnish University Network for Geoinformatics FIUGINET is the network for coordinating collaboration in the field of geoinformatics in Finland.

FIUGINET builds on the work of previous networks, such as the virtual university of geoinformatics (Geoinformatiikan virtuaaliyliopisto), consortium for acquiring geospatial data, the advisory board of geoinformatics research and teaching (Geoinformatiikan tutkimuksen ja opetuksen neuvottelukunta) and the research and teaching branch of the advisory board of geoinformatics (Paikkatietoasiain neuvottelukunta).

There has been a clear need for a permanent, extensive network to support research and teaching in the field of geoinformatics. Furthermore, many national processes concerned with geoinformatics require a uniform academic representative body. The need for such a network has also been acknowledged by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Finnish Council of University Rectors.

In September 2008, the rectors of the universities of Helsinki, Joensuu, Oulu and Turku and of the Helsinki University of Technology signed the FIUGINET treaty. A temporary board, assigned in the treaty, formulated operational guidelines for the network and approved them in the organizing meeting on 16.3.2009.