Research infrastructure

FIUGINET is actively participating in the development Finnish research infrastructure in geoinformatics. FIUGINET, as the representative of Finnish universities, in cooperation with national research institutes, CSC (IT Center for Science Ltd.) and National Council for Geographic Information has outlined ways to improve geoinformatics infrastructure and thereby implement the Open Science and Research Initiative (ATT, Ministry of Education and Culture) and the EU-directive INSPIRE. This planning has resulted in the Open Geospatial Information Infrastructure for Research (oGIIR) initiative. In the future, oGIIR will constitute the basis for creating and maintaining the open-access, virtual geoinformatics infrastructure for the use of the scientific research community.

The infrastructure includes

(1) accessibility to high-quality, open-access geospatial data (acquisition, promoting increase in open-access data, harmonizing data, data download and web interface services, long-term storage of data and metadata),

(2) providing geoinformatics software and analysis applications (improving availability of existing ones and distributing applications produced by the scientific community),

(3) high-performance computing and data storage needed in geospatial analyses,

(4) training and support services to university staff and students

Geoportti – Finnish Geospatial Research and Education Hub

Fiuginet is active member in the development of Geoportti the national research infrastructure for geospatial research and education.

Data download services

PaITuli: geospatial data download service for Finnish universities including geospatial data of national research institutes (administrator CSC)

AVAA: open research data publishing platform (administrator CSC)

Paikkatietoikkuna: public viewing service open to all and providing geospatial data of national research institutes (administrator National Land Survey)

Geoinformatics software infrastructure

Member universities (see Network and board)

CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd.

High-performance computing and data management

CSC – computing services and data management services

Training and support services

Member universities (see Teaching geoinformatics)

CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd.

Overview of CSC’s services in geoinformatics: