Research infrastructure

FIUGINET is co-hosting, together with research institutes, Geoportti – The Hub for for Finnish Geospatial Research and Education Resources.

Geoportti is an open and shared service for the entire Finnish scientific research community using geospatial data and computing tools. Geoportti helps researchers in Finland to use, refine, preserve and share their geospatial data and resources.

FIUGINET, as the representative of Finnish universities is constantly working towards improving geoinformatics infrastructure and thereby implement the Open Science and Research Initiative (Ministry of Education and Culture) and the EU-directive INSPIRE.

The Geoportti -infrastructure includes

  1. Services for finding and downloading geospatial data
  2. Tools for geospatial computing
  3. Platform for sharing your reseacher models
  4. Platform for sharing reseach data
  5. Geoinformatics education and training resources and sharing

Data download services (please check for latest updates at

PaITuli: geospatial data download service for Finnish universities including geospatial data of national research institutes (administrator CSC)

AVAA: open research data publishing platform (administrator CSC)

Paikkatietoikkuna: public viewing service open to all and providing geospatial data of national research institutes (administrator National Land Survey)

Geoinformatics software infrastructure

Member universities (see Network and board)

CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd.

High-performance computing and data management

CSC – computing services and data management services

Training and support services

Member universities (see Teaching geoinformatics)

CSC – IT Center for Science Ltd.

Overview of CSC’s services in geoinformatics: