Teaching geoinformatics

FIUGINET offers geoinformatics training to the students of the network. Many of the courses can be attended with the Flexible Study Right (JOO-studies). Additionally, FIUGINET member universities offer web courses. When you find an interesting course, check from the organizing department how to enrol and if there are maximum number of participants or requirements for preceding studies. More information on JOO-studies can be found from JOOPAS web service. You need approval from both your home university and the organizing university to be able to enrol.

Mature students can apply for non-degree study right to enrol geoinformatics courses (get in touch with the contact person or academic and study affairs office of the organizing department). Furthermore, some courses are offered by the Open University.

University departments providing geoinformatics teaching (including contact person information):

Aalto University, Department of Real Estate, Planning and Geoinformatics
Senior University Lecturer Petri Rönnholm, firstname.lastname@aalto.fi (without umlauts), phone +358 50 5930534.

University of Eastern Finland, Department of Geographical and Historical Studies
Professor Alfred Colpaert, firstname.surname@uef.fi, phone: +358 50 400 7427

University of Eastern Finland, School of Forest Sciences
Professor Timo Tokola, firstname.surname@uef.fi, phone: +358 50 4015 835

University of Helsinki, Department of Geosciences and Geography
Professor Tuuli Toivonen, firstname.surname@helsinki.fi, phone: +358 2941 51643

University of Helsinki, The Department of Forest Sciences
Professor Markus Holopainen, firstname.surname@helsinki.fi, phone: +358 2941 58181

University of Jyväskylä, The Department of Biological and Environmental Science
University lecturer Anssi Lensu, firstname.surname@jyu.fi, phone: +358 40 805 3903

University of Oulu, Department of Geography
Harri Antikainen, firstname.surname@oulu.fi

University of Turku, Department of Geography and Geology
Professor Niina Käyhkö, firstname.surname@utu.fi, phone: +358 400 310427